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This foldable device is designed to retrieve sunken golf discs from the bottom of water hazards. It only takes a few seconds and is exceptionally easy to operate. The Dynamic Discs Golden Retriever is small enough to fit in any disc bag or back pocket.

  • Simply tug on the Golden Retriever's throw rope to unfold it.
  • Then toss it beyond the golf disc and pull across to retrieve.
  • As it skims across the bottom of the hazard, it will scoop and retain the disc.

  • Golden Retriever Advantages:

    • Let it cost you a stroke, not a disc!
    • Don't fear the water.
    • Unlimited reach.
    • Speeds up play.
    • Keeps feet and clothes dry.
    • It's fun!
    • Pays for itself quickly.
    • It's compact and light-weight.
    • Sturdy steel construction
    • Durable powder coat finish.
    • Teflon bearings for reduced friction.

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    • One 50 ft rope
    • One Golden Retriever
    • Disc not included

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